Heather Marshall - Church textiles

Green stole designs

Green stoles are worn during ordinary time. The green colour symbolizes creation and all things that remind us that God is alive. Green is associated with trees and plants and represents growth. It is a colour full of hope. Green is the colour of spring, a tranquil colour, refreshing, restful and calm.

The stoles are made using Silk Dupion and embellished with textural fabric and stitch. The stoles are interlined and finally lined with cotton. All my stoles are made to measure and will require a measurement from the middle of the back of your neck around your shoulder and down your front to the required finished length, which is approximately 10cm below your knee.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact me and I would be happy talk to you about your requirements.

  • Rugged cross
  • Autumn
  • Green Flow
  • Green Landscape
  • Green shades
  • Hills
  • Landscape with cross
  • Tree